Saturday, September 17, 2011

All these genres give me a headache

Have you ever wondered with all the books out there what ones would interest you? Well I know I did I was completely lost trying to figure out what I wanted or what I liked for that matter. I still can't put a definite answer to what I like, but I think my main focus is YA, or Young adult books. With that comes what genres in that category do I like. You would think there wouldn't be but a few.  I learned that there are ALOT! Just like any books Adult or Young Adult they have themes. You have Horror, mystery, science fiction, historical fiction, urban fantasy (UF), Paranormal Romance (PNR), chick lit, Dystopian (this one I'm not sure if it's an actual genre. If not it might as well be) and these are ones I can think of off the top of my head. (although I'm not quite sure if I'm completely right)

I know it can be confusing if you're not a reader because I was like that. (Half the time I think I still am..confused that is!) I want to be able to help those who were like me a few years ago. Not so much of a reader. I'll admit I didn't really like reading. Shocker huh? I will also admit that I owe my love of reading now to The twilight movie. (yes the movie not the books because I read the books after and then I went and picked out other books which I'll mention later.) Although I did read a few mystery books (Mary Higgins Clark books to be exact), the harry potter books, and what not before. So here's to hoping I can help you become a reader, and if not at least you know a little more right?

If I can't help you I'll definitely try and point you in the direction to someone that can. If I've learned anything over the past 9 months or so I've been book blogging it's this the book blogging community is an awesome group of people.  I owe them so much.

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