Sunday, September 18, 2011

I am..

<--This is me. Yeah, that's right. Me, Myself, and My books. :0)

I've done one of these about me pages for every blog I've made. (Which if you don't know has been like 2 or so in the past week, and not to mention the other 2 I already had. I'm a blog whore?)

Read,Write, Design this way (My official Design Site)
Bookaholics Anonymous (My Book Blog)
AngelicNytmare (Personal Blog)
Once upon a writer (My Writing Blog)

My Official Blurb yo!
Ashley aka AngelicNytmare is a 25 year old Pharmacy Tech from Texas who enjoys reading, writing, designing, and other stuff. She buys way to many books a week. She'd rather live in one of her book worlds then the real one, but seeing as how that's impossible she'll have to settle. Writing has become something she likes to do whenever the mood hits, and in the future (very far future) hopes to be able to finish a MS and get published. She's knows how likely that is though. She's not holding her breath. Designing sites was a major part of her high school life. She was pretty much a nerd, and enjoyed being home on the computer rather then out. She's had numerous site which she's created using free web hosting sites such as angelfire and yahoo, many of which are still operational. Although, they haven't been worked on in years. She recently just found her love again for design which you can see at RWDesign. If you haven't noticed she likes to talk in third person sometimes. Deal! That is all for now. Visit her other sites to learn more about her, books, writing, or just the general-ness of life.

How did I come about reading?
I started off reading mainly mystery/thrillers. Then I got hooked on the Harry Potter train, and then the Twilight bus. Now I'm just riding the YA plane. So that's where I'm at for the moment. If you want a more in depth look at how/why I became hooked on reading visit my other sites. :)

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